Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We are two teachers that work together teaching 4th grade!

Meet the team!!!

Whitney: This is my blogging debut, so I am a little nervous.  I am in my 3rd year of teaching, and my second year departmentalized. I absolutely, positively (sometimes) love my job.  Don't get me wrong, there are some c-uh-razy days, but I could not imagine myself anywhere else.  When they told me I would be partnered up to be departmentalized, I was nervous about how it would work, but it has turned out to be great.  Brenda and I have been able to do some great things as a team, and I hope you are able to use some of ideas to help you with any of your own situations.  You will find out that I am the crazy, nervous-wreck one (seriously, I have used the word nervous 3, make that 4 times now). However, I am here to pass on anything I think that can be helpful, and give you a laugh or two in the process.

Brenda: I am in my 8th year of teaching, and my third year of departmentalized.  I taught Kindergarten for 2 weeks (now that's a long story for another time!) before being moved to 5th grade to teach Math and Spelling (odd combination, I know!) for one year.  I then taught 4th grade self-contained for 5 years.  Now Whitney and I teach 4th grade together.  I was also a little nervous to change gears for 4th grade, but it has worked out great!  I am generally the more laid back, crafty, Pinterest-following teacher! 

We are hoping to share the ups and downs (more ups hopefully!) of team teaching.  Whitney teaches Reading, Language, and Writing.  Brenda teaches Math, Science, and Social Studies.  So, we will also be able to provide our ideas and strategies that go along with our curriculum.  

We will be sharing useful ideas, funny stories, recipes (we both like to cook and eat!), and are here to share and receive advice and tips that we learn through our journey as TEAMED UP TEACHERS!

Whitney and Brenda

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