Thursday, June 6, 2013

Class Dojo for Management- Thoughts?

The past year we did stamps as rewards in our homeroom classes.  This works really well to do our own homerooms, but then again, we never really know if they earned possible rewards in the other class and aren't getting credit for it.  Also, the opposite could be occurring.... We know, we know- misbehaving rarely occurs :).  Anyway, we are thinking of using the website/app Class Dojo next year. We can download the app on a class iPod, and pass it back and forth using our class clipboards that hold behavior information already.  This way, we can give accolades and reprimands at the time they happen, then total up at the end of the week for stamps.  We need to mention, they buy prizes with the stamps- the more stamps, the better options for good prizes.  

Has anyone used this program or something similar?  Any thoughts on how we could make this work? Any advice or questions welcome!  We know it's summer and we should be relaxing, but might as well get to planning.  Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Whitney's Currently

Well, we have been on a tour of Tennessee this week, and part of last week.  We have been to Memphis for a zoo trip for Cohen, our 16 month old.  Then, we decided to head to Oak Ridge to visit my husband's older brother while he had time off.  Basically, we have had lots of time in a car and were ready to be HOME.  I have fallen behind on my currently due to the travel, so here are my June ramblings.

I did find out that we are going to have a girl this October!!  Exciting News!  I just hope and pray she is nicer than I was between ages 9- 18 haha.  We have really battled over names, but I think we finally decided to stick with our Irish theme we started and go with Darby.  I knew a Darby in college who was nice, intelligent, and president of everything.  It's always nice to have a positive connection.  Anyway, enough about that, check out the currently and don't forget to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade! and follow the Rule of 3!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Currently June

Woohoo!!!  It is June!!!  That means the best time of the year is here...SUMMER!!!

Brenda's Currently:

My mind is totally on Summer for right now!  Looking back to a couple of weeks ago, I didn't realize how tired of school I was!  But now my stress level has returned to normal and I am back to my normal, laid-back person!

*Listening: I'm ready for this rain to stop!  I know that we are a lot luckier than some folks, and I should be glad that it is only rain and not the damaging tornadoes.

*Loving: Sometimes you just need those days where you can sit and do nothing!  I got caught up on my backlog of 4 episodes of Glee and I completed a few levels of Candy Crush!  Well, on second thought...maybe I was pretty productive today!!!

*Thinking: I brought home all of my files to organize and put into new binders.  I did buy the binders at Sam's last week...but the stack of files is still in the middle of my living room floor where I dropped them on the last day of school! 

*Wanting: I would love to go to the beach, but we are going on a family vacation to the mountains!  Next year...I will be at the beach, even if I have to go by myself!!!

*Needing: several areas.  Obviously, I need motivation to start my summer projects.  I have also signed up (and paid for) my first 5K in October...The Color Run.  I am excited, but I am definitely not a runner!  My thought was (since I'm a tightwad!) that if I pay for it, I will not back out!  I have got to get started preparing for it, or I'll be the last one crawling to the finish line!

*Vacay Essentials: Flip-flops are a must wherever I am...more specifically Yellow Box flip-flops!  Books are always a necessity.  I have about 3 or 4 going now (The One and Only Ivan, Safe Haven, and the new Duck Dynasty book that I can't remember the exact name!)  I'm sure I have another one on my Kindle that I have started but need to finish.  Comfy Clothes is my third...I love this time of year where you throw on a pair of capris and a T-shirt...put on a scarf and you are immediately "dressed-up"! 

Now, don't forget to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!  and follow the "Rule of 3"!