Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday's Weekly Wisdom: Christmas/Holiday Gifts

Today's post is two-fold...we are letting you know our idea for Christmas gifts, but then we really need want some better ideas that we can steal.

Last year, we were on top of things.  We ordered cute ornaments in October.  Then we used the Cricut to cut out vinyl initials to personalize them.  We made a little bundle with a pencil and candy cane with the ornament.  We got the ooh's and aah's from parents and kids at the party and it was a happy world!

Now this year is another story!  We had great ideas and plans basically procrastinated too long.  Now we are down to 8 school days with no gifts!!!  Whitney is not much help because her brain is not functioning right...not that there is any stress or anything associated with our job!

This class loves junk!  By that I mean, little stuff...rings, erasers, party favors, etc.  Should we go the easy way and go to the dollar store and make "goodie bags"? 

Post your thoughts or ideas!  We need major help!  We are about Pinterested out with the holiday thing!

By the can't be too Christmasy since we have a few students that do not celebrate the holiday (but are ok with "Winter" items). 

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