Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Currently

Whitney's Currently:
     My currently is not very school-related this month.  I am cold when it should be warm,  I have morning sickness that has taken my love of cheese, and I have BABY BRAIN.  I am just not in school mode 100% right now, but I am getting there.  I am happy for morning sickness....I just miss cheese :(  I have a feeling April will turn everything around, though!  GOOOO April!! Haha!  

Brenda's Currently:
TCAP mode is in full swing!  We are trying to review but still make it interesting.  I found a Bazinga game on Pinterest and made my own version.  The kiddos are asking to play constantly!

Don't forget Farley's Rule of Three and go link up with Oh Boy! 4th Grade.


  1. I've seen the Bazinga game on Pinterest. I have it pinned but really haven't looked at it too much. I really need to go through all of my pins. Glad I found you today


  2. I love being part of the Currently link up. How's it sharing a blog with a friend? I have been blogging solo for only two years.

    Whitney: Yay for baby brain. My little sister is expecting as well, but we don't know if it'll be a little lady or fella. :)

    Brenda: I feel your pain about the cell phone. My significant other back home is raving about how awesome his new iPhone 5 is. Can't help but be a teeny bit jealous. What kind are you planning on getting?

    Glad to have found you.

    Miss Wilson

  3. Love the advice about not stressing! I agree! :) I need to do that more!

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