Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brenda's "What's in My Cart?"

To say that "I LOVE SHOPPING" is quite the understatement.  And to say that "I LOVE SHOPPING ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE IS A SALE" is even better. 

I always feel like I'm solving a common core word problem when I see "I'm giving you 20% and then TPT is giving you 10%, so that adds up to 28%."  I am the Math teacher, so I get it...but it still blows my mind at first.  But hey...I'll take whatever I can get. 

I have put items on my wishlist...moved them to my cart...added more to the cart...moved items to the wishlist...moved back to the cart...ok you get the idea.  But I finally clicked that button to checkout, then guess what I did......

I was typing in my payment info and realized I did not put in that little "TAD13" code!  So here I go back and start over...but boy was it worth it. 

Whitney and I also used this sale as an excuse to find out where exactly we would be next year.  Our principal is retiring, so our whole admin team is all shuffled up.  Now, our school may be the exception...but rumors ALWAYS fly this time of year....and let me tell you....they really fly with new admin!  So, today, we are sitting in a meeting with our new principal.  I was paying complete attention to her was showing Whitney all my finds on TPT.  And Whitney says, "Don't buy that...what if you aren't teaching that!" 

Well, we bring it up to new principal...and GUESS WHAT!!!! 


That was sure a burden lifted from our shoulders.  No more worrying...no more sleepless nights...no more paying attention to every single rumor flying around!!!

Ok, now on to the linky......Here were the items in my cart!

I'm planning to use brag tags next year, so I got a head start with these two purchases from "Fifth in the Middle."  I also got a pack for the Colonial American time period.

I have been eyeing all those cute memory books and candy awards.  Well I found them packaged together at "The Pinspired Teacher."

Then I find this all day lesson plan from Lovin' Lit.  I'm planning to use it for my sub in a couple of days...then next year it will stay in my sub plans for those emergencies.

Next up are my Science items.  I just love my items from The Science Penguin!

I could not pass up this cute Smoothie Fraction pack from Jennifer Findley!

Had to have a Mother's Day and Father's Day craft!  This combo pack from Loreen Leedy was perfect!

And what cart could be complete with some fun clip art from Ashley Hughes!  I saw this and just had to have it.  Can't wait to do something with it for fractions next year! 

Did I spend more than I should have?  Well we won't answer that because it doesn't matter...IT WAS ON SALE!!!!

So, that was my cart...what's in yours?

Go link up over at Fifth in the Middle for the "What's in Your Cart?" linky party!

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  1. Hi! I found you through the 4th grade linky and am always happy to find other 4th grade teachers. I'm your new follower and I am also having a linky party. I'd love for you to join us.
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