Monday, May 27, 2013

Next School Year, I will definitely...


Friday was our first day out, but Memorial Day always seems to be the first official day of summer to me!  This is the first year since I have been teaching that we have been out before the end of May!  In the winter, I hate that we don't have enough snow to get out, but then in May, I'm so glad that we didn't have to use our snow days!!!

As a teacher, I guess you never really quit working.  And Pinterest doesn't help solve this problem!  It seems that everytime I log on, then I have more on my "to-do" list.  

I was thinking this morning about the things that I wanted to be at the top of my priority list for school. Then, I see this wonderful linky party from Finding Joy in 6th Grade this afternoon!  

 I just had to link-up.  Maybe if I put it in writing, then it will hold me to do things that MUST get done!!!

I brought home all of my files (that are currently in file folders that have that curled up bottom edge that let's them slip into oblivion when they are in the cabinet).  I have HUGE plans to put them in binders with cutesy covers and spine labels.  Not sure how I want to do it though...BIG binders vs. little binders...arranged by standards vs. one binder per subject vs. arranged by weeks of the year...and my mind keeps going.  Those of you who have made the transition...any thoughts or advice?

I have to say that this item has been in the planning since the beginning of January when TPT had a big New Year's sale and I bought these two items:

 My biggest fear of beginning notebooks was where to come up with meaningful resources.  These two items solved that fear for two if there is one of these for Social Studies (especially for Tennessee Social Studies!) please let me know!  I have been pinning and gathering to add my own things to these and make them even more meaningful for my classes.  

I kept seeing people using these Brag Tag necklaces.  I like them, but our school is not paying for those tags...and they would get expensive if I tried to do it on my own.  Until Diane at Fifth in the Middle popped up with this wonderful product:

Now I can make my own and I think I will add beads or charms for things like Accelerated Math Objectives, behavior, etc.

I know this is not directly school related...but I hope to definitely complete more blog posts!

That's it for now.  Next summer, I will have to see how I kept to these goals and how they worked!  Don't forget to go link up over at Finding Joy in 6th Grade!



  1. One of my goals is to blog more next year, too!

    Simply 2nd Resources

  2. I bought the interactive math journals product too and have tried it out this year. It is great -- I just struggle with how much time it sometimes takes. I can definitely see the benefit though!

    Glad to be follower #18!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Time is the issue that I worry about. Also, all the cutting and gluing. I already do a lot of foldables, so maybe it won't be so bad!

  3. Found your blog on the Linky Party. I am your newest follower! Hope you will stop by my blog and check it out at

  4. Thanks for those 2 links to interactive notebooks! I will be teaching 6th grade ALL subjects next year so math and science will be new for me! :)

    I'm your newest follower!


    1. Maybe we can keep up with each other and share tips as we both try these out!